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a vase filled with pink flowers
food on a plate

Rose Petal Salt


Rose petals, Jacobsen kosher salt.

Rose (rosa), an ornamental plant with thousands of cultivars, has been revered as a symbol of love and grace in almost every culture. Considered the flower with the highest energetic vibration, roses are said to have the power to seal love, ease a broken heart and calm a tired soul. With its alluring aroma, rose can be used to gently season a myriad of dishes, from sweets to game meats. Here, rose petals have been pureed and added directly to the salt before the mixture is set in the sun to dry.

Use as a finishing salt for grilled lamb or duck, garnish ice cream or a fruity olive oil with this salt, or put in your next granola mix. Medically used as an antioxidant, can soothe a sore throat or relieve headaches.

Available in our shop, or for delivery locally in NYC through Caviar.



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