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Single-Origin Honeys (Gift Set)


We are thrilled to announce the release of our raw, single-origin forest honeys in partnership with Maryiza and Forested Foods, whose aim is to struggle against the deforestation in Africa.

Grawa (Gera Forest, Ethiopia) comes from a medicinal flower of a shrub endemic to many tropical African countries. Its flavor profile is burnt caramel with a hint of bitter citrus. 

Geteme (Gera Forest, Ethiopia) is a favorite among bees with their fresh spring flowers that hover 20-30 meters high above the forest floor. Its flavor profile is sweet honeysuckle and a hint of verjus.

Bissana (Gera Forest, Ethiopia) is a medicinal tree known to treat more than eighty sicknesses. Its flavor profile is crisp pear and roses, with a soft floral fragrance.

Abalo (Majang Forest, Ethiopia) is a tree that thrives in moist climates, which gives the honey notes of smoked pinewood.

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