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Floral Beverage Class #1

December 15th, 2019 | 4:00 - 5:00pm

In our first floral beverage class, taught by mixologists Gates Otsuji and Estelle Bossy, guests will experience a lesson in floral mixology by way of three parts. In Part One, learn how to make a sugar maceration with fruit and flowers. Part Two will cover how to prepare a sachet of flowers & spices to make a punch-style cocktail, perfect for the holidays. Guests will then taste the cocktail, prepared by the bar, as the class transitions into Part Three, where guests will learn to make floral salt to be used on the rim of a cocktail. Participants take home the product of each lesson - the flavored cordial, the floral & spice sachet, and the floral salt.

The class will work with dried flowers as a way to show different techniques to include flowers in beverages when fresh flowers aren’t available. Each of the techniques taught during the class - sugar maceration, salt infusion, and tisane infusion - can be used with a wide variety of ingredients, so guests can adapt the methods to their own flavor inspirations.