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Hibiscus Mint Spice Mix


Toasted white sesame seeds, toasted black sesame seeds, hibiscus powder, dried thyme, dried marjoram, dried mint, dried cilantro, onion powder, kosher salt, coriander seed, aniseed, black pepper, garlic powder.

Hibiscus flowers (malvaceae) conjure up tropical memories of vacations past and lands far away. This tart and refreshing flower is a welcome addition to any pantry where an acidic punch is needed to brighten up a dish. These flowers have a brief life, reminding us of the ephemerality of experiences, reminding us to stand in gratitude for the beautiful moments we get to enjoy.

Mix into rice or dusted over meats. Mix 2 tbsp spice mix, 1/4 cup olive oil for a tart and seasoning or vinaigrette base. Medicinally high in vitamin C, can reduce blood pressure and assist in lowering body temperature. 

Available in our shop, or for delivery locally in NYC through Caviar.

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